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agent-Amy Davoli

Amy Davoli

Owner / Travel & Cruise Consultant / Certified Travel Associate - "As owner of Travitude Travel Group, I want to ensure you have the most amazing vacation experience possible. I work with my clients to truly understand their travel requirements and make the best recommendations...

  • 905-329-0325 | 416-367-8264 ext. 2412
agent-Barbara Durley

Barbara Durley

Travel & Cruise Consultant - "Helping my clients make memories that will last them a lifetime is the best part of my job. I love seeing all the pictures my clients send me and hearing all about the trips we planned together. I am excited to work with you to make your travel dr...

  • 905-380-6145 | 416-367-8264 Ext. 2372
agent-Karen Malone

Karen Malone

Travel & Cruise Consultant - "I love being in the travel industry because it gives me a chance to experience world cultures and new experiences. It allows me to introduce others to their own new experiences and create memories that they can treasure for a lifetime." Karen is TI...

  • 613-777-5597 | 416-367-8264 ext. 3005
agent-DeeAnn Gray

DeeAnn Gray

Travel and Cruise Consultant - " I am very excited to be rejoining the travel industry as a career after starting in the industry 30 years ago. I've missed every minute away. With 17 years experience selling travel from an office, this portable, online avenue is thrilling. I can...

  • 519-212-6849 | 416-367-8264 EXT 3274
agent-Farahna Kaba

Farahna Kaba

Travel Consultant - "Do you dream of immersing yourself in the local culture of a new country, or making memories with your multi-gen family? Planning your vacations should be anything but intimidating, and I'm here to make it easy for you. If you're looking for adventure, relaxa...

  • 416-846-4989 | 416-367-8264 EXT. 2591
agent-Susan Lynn Reid

Susan Lynn Reid

Travel Consultant - "With a focus on the individual needs of the client, I take pride in helping clients plan everything from takeoff to landing. Every trip is about giving special attention to exactly what my clients are looking for and what is important to them. Excellent beach...

  • 416-367-8264 EXT. 2589 | 905-380-3096
agent-Allison Brown

Allison Brown

Travel & Cruise Consultant – “I love being able to help my clients dream up their next vacation, no matter where in the world they want to go. One of the best parts of this career, is creating lifelong memories and experiences. As a part of Travitude Travel Group, I have learne...

  • 905-380-3051 | 416-367-8264 EXT 3136
agent-Patty Crawford

Patty Crawford

Travel Consultant – “Helping my clients plan the perfect vacation is very important to me. The best part of my job is helping my clients fulfill their visions of the perfect vacation from start to finish. I’m excited for every vacation I plan as it's like a new adventure.” Patty...

  • 905-933-8374 | 416-367-8264 EXT 3322
agent-Trisha Atwood

Trisha Atwood

Travel & Cruise Consultant - "Travel is all about creating stories. Each trip is a new book or new chapter filled with memories and experiences from the places we visit. I have been creating stories with my family for many years, and now I look forward to helping you create y...

  • 905-941-5551 | 416-367-8264 EXT 3378
agent-Rima Dmitriew

Rima Dmitriew

Travel Consultant - "I have had the pleasure to experience solo travel as well as group travel and have found that each experience has enhanced my life in many ways. I think that's why I love being in the travel industry. It's exciting to plan adventures for my clients and introd...

  • 905-718-7723 | 416-367-8264 EXT. 2186
agent-Tanya Harrietha

Tanya Harrietha

Travel & Cruise Consultant - "My passion for travel is what enticed me to become a travel advisor. I have travelled to many places such as the Atlantic and Pacific Coasts of North America, South America and the Caribbean. I enjoy researching places all over the globe, exploring a...

  • 902-999-5248 | 416-367-8264 ext 3064
agent-Michelle Ladouceur

Michelle Ladouceur

Travel Consultant - "I've been planning magical family vacations for several years. I am very excited to expand my knowledge to help plan amazing, exciting and magical trips all over the world. Let me take the pressure of the planning details off of you, so that you can simply en...

  • 905-401-4947 | 416-367-8264 EXT 3142
agent-Krystal Gavican

Krystal Gavican

Travel Consultant - "I developed a passion for travelling at a young age, thanks to my experiences camping, taking road trips, and travelling to the Caribbean. As a young adult, I explored much of Europe and visited several parts of Asia, Australia and New Zealand. As a certified...

  • 613-661-6320 | 416-367-8264 EXT 3654