Professional Fees

Why do we charge a professional fee?   Travel has changed a lot since 2020 (aka post-Covid) and like many types of businesses, we have had to implement some new policies.  Our travel advisors stay up to date on the ever changing rules and requirements of travel so you don't have to.  There are new rules, forms and requirements needed to travel now.   There are constant updates and changes to terms and conditions from the tour operators and the resorts, and also the changes to the entry requirements to your destination country.    We are here to help you navigate all of this and more.  We are here to make your trip easier and seamless, so you don't have to worry about missing something.  

Why choose one of our travel associates?  We know our clients by name, not by a reservation number.  We build relationships with each of our clients.  We take the time to find out all about you and the experience you're looking for.  We will have lots of questions for you, so we can learn all about you, your travel history, your must haves, your nice to haves, any food allergies, any mobility restrictions, etc.,  to accurately understand exactly what you are looking for.  We will use your answers to match and recommend the perfect destination, resort and local experiences.  There are thousands of destinations, hotels, cruises and resorts out there, and we absolutely love helping you select the best option.  We are there for you throughout the entire trip, beginning to end.  From the research and planning, to checking in on you when you're in destination, and in case there are any speed bumps along the way.  

What is included in our professional fee?  Our fee includes all of our research, and recommending the best destinations and properties that would work for you.  As well as recommending the most suitable insurance policy for your needs.   We will also assist with any changes or modifications that need to be made once you have booked your trip.  We take care of long wait times.  We have relationships with our suppliers that benefit you.   

We offer you what can't be found online - 
expertise, service, value and knowledge. 

We offer an initial complimentary consultation to determine if our travel services will meet your needs.   

Once it is determined that our new relationship is going to proceed, we will collect your personal information to build you a profile in our system to begin the planning process.  Our non-refundable professional fees at that time will be collected up-front.

Professional Fees can vary.  Prices, in Canadian, start from: 

Domestic Flights Only (Canada/US): $25+HST per flight
International Flights Only: $50+HST per flight
All Inclusive/Cruise (when using a credit or voucher): $150+HST per family/room/cabin

Multi-component holiday/Custom Itinerary: $199+HST per trip

Groups and Destination Weddings: $295+HST per group

Modifications to an already booked trip: $50+HST per room
Cancellation Fee (if applicable): $100+HST
Disney Concierge Service (when you have booked your trip yourself): $150+HST per room/family (up to 5 people in one room)

We are here to help you turn your travel dreams into travel memories!
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